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New York

New York Chapter

The Wilson High School Alumni Association New York Chapter was organized in the 1970's by Remanda Kirven George, Mary Kirven, Louise Rembert Rice and the late Johnnie Leaks. Their first affair was held at the 272 Wyckoff Community Center, Brooklyn, N.Y The late Johnnie Leaks was instrumental in helping by doing all the driving for shopping and transportation. They held annual affairs at the Minisink Center and Sheraton Center in Manhattan and of course Cruise's to nowhere. In the mid 1990's the association disbanded.. In 1998 the New York Chapter was restarted by the late Cleveland Brunson, Herbert Brown, Jamie 1. Brown, Sacious Brunson, Nechola Gee, Margaret Brown, Rufus Knowlin, Larry Ratcliff and Mary Scott. We have annual bus trips to Atlantic N.J. , in the spring, Fall Dance and a cruise in 1991.

Our membership are: President Herbert Brown, Vice President Jeanette Edgecomb, Secretary Margaret Brown, Treasurer Larry Ratcliff, Financial Secertary Rufus Knowlin Corresponding Secretary Mary Scott Business Manager Nechola Gee, and Chaplin Jamie L. Brown.

Members are: Elsie Carroll, Patricia Bellinger, Ulysses Singletary and Ernestine Davis.

Members E-mail: Herbert & Jamie Brown - jlbhab@aol.com
Larry Ratcliff: LarryRatcliff@earthlink.net

Year members graduated: Herbert Brown, 1960, Nechola Gee 1960, Rufus Knowlin 1960, Jamie Brown 1960, Margaret Brown 1961, Larry Ratcliff 1961, Jeanette Edgecomb 1964, Mary Scott 1951, Patricia Bellinger 1959, Elsie Carroll 1959.